Tour 9

17 days in the footsteps of Count Almasy
Cairo – Bahariya – White Desert – Dakhla – Abu Ballas – Gilf Kebir – Great Sandsea –Siwa – Bahariya – Cairo

Count Almasy, here he got the name Abu Ramla, was one of the most famous explorers of the Gilf Kebir. He had to bring english agents to the nile through this
area, he came back and found the famous wallpaintings in the caves there.

This trip is an adventure far away from any civilisation, but full of unforgettable experiences.

After the visit of the Oasis Bahariya and Dakhla we take the old caravanroute to Sudan, you can see these prints here. At Abu Ballas we find fragments of waterbowls, from long time ago there was a waterstorage. Near are also wallpaintings on the rocks.
We see the monument for Kemal ad Din , a pioneer of exploration of Gilf Kebir.
To come to the small entrance through Gilf Kebir we pass many different Wadis.
Wadi Talh with the acacias, Wadi Sura with the caves and the wallpaintings and than Wadi Hamra, the name comes form the red sand here.
Along this wadi we come to the great sand sea, before we enter there, is the place where we find the Libyan Silica Glass, which was used also from the pharaos (like the Scarabaeus on the pectoral of Tutenchamun) .

For the next three days we dive in, in the Great Sand Sea. You will never forget this experience.

After this we can refresh ourself in the Oasis Siwa in a hotel. This Oasis is very special, they have their old customs and also their own language.

This adventure ends in Bahariya and next day back to Cairo.

Duration: 17 days

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