Tour 7

Cairo - El Alamein - Marsa Matruh - Siwa - Bahariya - White Desert -Wadi Rayan - Cairo
9 days / 8 nights

1st day
Arrival in cairo, transfer to the hotel, overnight hotel

2nd day
We take the street to the north and visit El Alamein, the cemetery and the memorial for the soldiers of the 2. worldwar.
You can take a bath in the mediterranean sea in Marsa Matruh.
Once upon a time there lived Cleopatra with Antonius and we see the Cleopatras Villa.

Overnight hotel

3rd day
The street to Siwa Oasis ist he same way that took long time ago the caravans to the sea.
Many springs make tis area very fruitful, so you find about 250000 palmtrees with dates.Siwa is very special, because this oasis is „out of the way“ , so they keep special customs and language. Many old buildings show us the pharaonic
history, so the Temple of the Oracle, there many people like Kambyses, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra come here for an advice.

Overnight hotel.

4th day
On the way to Bahariya are many saltlakes and also we find a lot of fossiles.
After the rough track to Bahariya,we overnight there in a camp or hotel.

5th day
Visit the Golden Mummies, the Tomb of banentiu and the Temple of Alexander the Great.
We pass the Black Desert, El Hayz, the Crystal Mountain, Al Agabat and come to the White Desert.
You will see snowy mountains, mushrooms, animals or whatever is in your fantasy.
The white ground is crowded with small black stoneflowers.
There we will make our nightcamp and you will feel here like in a wonderland of dreams.

6th day
At the Magic Spring we take a refresh and go back to Bahariya

Overnight camp or hotel

7th day
Than we go to the protected area the Wadi Rayan Nationalpark there you still can find fossiles and big bones of the whales that lived here million years ago, therefore also the name Valley of Whales.
It is a good place for the camp, to sit at the fire and count the stars.

8th day
The sunrise here is wonderful, to see the changing of the colours on the stones and watch the shadows growing.
Back to Cairo along the Qarun Lake and Oasis Fayum.

9th day
Transfer to airport and flight

Duration: 9 days

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