Tour 5

Wadi Rayan – Valley of Whales - Bahariya - Dschara Cave - White Desert - Bahariya
8 days / 7 nights

1st day
Arrival in cairo, transfer to the hotel, overnight hotel

2nd day
The way is through the Oasis Fayum along the Qarun Lake to the Lakes of Wadi Rayan. These lakes are connected with a channel and there is also a small waterfall to see.
After that we go to the protected area the Wadi Rayan Nationalpark.
Here you can still find fossiles and big bones of the whales that lived here million years ago, therefore also the name Valley of Whales.
Here we will make our nightcamp to sit at the fire, look at the million stars and fall asleep by counting one, two…..

3rd day
We go to the Oasis Bahariya
Bahariya is well known since they found the Golden Mummies there.
Many wells make this area very fruitful, so you can find 100000 palmtrees with dates and many fruits and also rice.
We make a small sightseeing to the salt lake and the hill of the englishmen.
When the sun goes down we climb the hill to see the wonderful sunset and have there a beautiful view over the oasis.

Overnight in the hotel

4th day
No street only rocks guide us to a treasure of the desert the Dschara Cave.
When you see the small entrance you will never expect the size and beauty of this cave, it is like a dream.
The camp will be near the cave so you can dream the whole night.

5th day
The dream will not end when you come to the White Desert.
You see snowy mountains, mushrooms, animals or figures that comes out from a fairy tale.
At night it is a white wonderland and above us only the endless sky.

6th day
We go to the Oasis Farafra, there you can take a bath in one of the hot springs.
We visit the museum of Badr, he makes all things from materials out of the desert, stone, wood, plants.
Again a night in another part of the White Desert.

7th day
Back to Bahariya and along the street directly to Cairo

8th day
Transfer to the airport

Duration: 8 days

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