Tour 2

Oase Fayum, Lake Qarun, Wadi Rayan Lakes,Wadi Rayan, Valley of Whales
2 days/ 1 night

The way is through the Oasis Fayum along the Qarun Lake to the Lakes of Wadi Rayan. These lakes are connected with a channel and there is also a small waterfall to see.
Than we go to the protected area the Wadi Rayan Nationalpark

Here you can still find fossiles and big bones of the whales that lived here million years ago, therefore also the name Valley of Whales.

Here we will make our nightcamp to sit at the fire, look at the million stars and fall asleep by counting one, two…..
Next day to see the sunrise with the changing of the colours and go back to Cairo.

This trip you can make as a contrast to the culture program and to got a taste of the desert.

Duration: 2 days

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