Tour 11

Sharm el Sheikh – Serabit el Khadim – Forest of Pillars – St.Katharin – Aradacanyon – Nawamis – Wadi Ghazala – White Canyon – Ain Hudra Coloured Canyon – Nuweiba – Sharm el Sheikh
8 days / 7 nights

1st day
Arrival at Sharm El Sheikh transfer to the hotel or camp. Overnight there

2nd day
Passing El Tur we go to Serabit el Khadim, there is the only pharaonic temple on the Sinai, which was built for protection of the turquoise mines. It is the temple of the Goddess Hathor. The temple is on a mountain and to climb about an hour, but on the top are wonderful columns with reliefs of Hathor , Isis, Thot ….. Overnight in a camp

3rd day
Between big rocks the way leads to Gebel Fuga or better Forest of Pillars. A big area is covered with bizarre formations of black stone (quarzit) and until now is no explanation why it is especially here on this place. Along the Wadi Feiran we arrive at St.Katharin. Overnight in a camp Possibility to climb the Mosesmountain at night. Start about midnight with a beduinguide to be on the top for the beautiful sunrise, it is worth to do the strain for this unforgettable experience.

4th day
Visit of the monastry, which is the only Christian Monastry that was never be destroyed. Today there still live orthodoxen monks. Here is a collection of wonderful icons and one of the biggest bibliotecs. Going through several wadis we arrive at the Aradacanyon. A night under million of stars.

5th day
First a walk in the canyon with his small passages and his wonderful yellow colour. After this e drive through the desert with her wonderful landscape, see Nawamis – a very old burialplace – to Wadi Ghazala. Overnight on a special place in the desert

6th day
The White Canyon is waiting, a ladder brings us down between the white Rocks, it is an wonderful adventure to walk across until we see the green palmtrees of the Oasis Ain Hudra. A pool of refreshing cool water invites to jump in. Overnight there

7th day

Today are two possibilities, one another walk through a canyon – the Coloured Canyon – or to make a relaxing day at the Red Sea in a beduin camp near Nuweiba with swimming and snorkelling. In the evening back to Sharm el Sheikh

8th day
Transfer to the airport, flight

Duration: 8 days

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