Tour 10

Monastry of St. Katharin – Aradacanyon – White Canyon – Oasis Ain Hudra – Coloured Canyon
4 days / 3 nights

1st day
We start to St. Katharin through the Wadi Feiran, visit the writings of the Nabatäer in Wadi Mukatab. Overnight n a camp in St. Katharin Possibility to climb the Mosesmountain at night.
Start about midnight with a beduinguide to be on the top for the beautiful sunrise, it is worth to do the strain for this unforgettable experience.

2nd day
Visit of the monastry, which is the only Christian Monastry that was never be destroyed. Today there still live orthodoxen monks. Here is a collection of wonderful icons and one of the biggest bibliotecs. Going through several wadis we arrive at the Aradacanyon. A night under million of stars.

3rd day
First a walk in the canyon with his small passages and his wonderful yellow colour and than to Oasis Ain Hudra . Through the desert with her wonderful landscape, see Nawamis – a very old burialplace. Overnight in the oasis, there is cold water to refresh. .

4th day
This day is open for two possibilities. One is togo to see the White Canyon, which is very close to Ain Hudra.
Or to go to the Coloured Canyon to walk through with his typical red-brown-yellow rocks.

This is a program to make when you spend your holidays in Sharm el Sheikh or Dahab or Taba, start and end there.
If there is more time it is also possible to stay for two nights in a beduin camp Directly at the sea near Nuweiba to relax one or two days.

Duration: 4 days

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